Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Pineal Gland, "Third Eye"

The pineal gland is located between the two hemispheres of the brain. It is found tucked inside of groove, and only around the size of a grain of rice (about 7mm). The functions of the pineal gland are not to well known of, but for thousands of years it has been referred to as the third eye. Descartes called the pineal gland "the seat of the soul"
Not only is the pineal gland the third eye, but it also relates very similar to actual eyes. Your retina sends light or dark exposure and melatonin gets made.
In some animals the pineal gland is photosensitive! The gland is homologous to the cornea, lens, and retina. Earlier mammals, and some animals still have a pineal opening.
But where does this affect us? Whats so crazy about all of this?
Unlike much of the rest of the mammalian brain, the pineal gland is not isolated from the body by the blood-brain barrier system; it has profuse blood flow, second only to the kidney.
This pineal gland is activated by Light, and it controls the various bio-rhythms of the body. It works in harmony with the hypothalamus gland which directs the body's thirst, hunger, sexual desire and the biological clock that determines our aging process. When it awakens, one feels a pressure at the base of the brain. This third eye is the gate between where the body and the spirit collide. To activate the 'third eye' and perceive higher dimensions, the pineal gland and
the pituitary body, must vibrate in unison, which is achieved through meditation
and / or relaxation. The gland has the necessary "ingredients" to make DMT, and excrete it into the body. It is said that it is the DMT that causes dreams and strange happening during near death experiences.
DMT is the most powerful psychedelic out there. Why? Because it's one of the most basic compounds that aids our very own consciousness!
My head is getting all jumbled, so I need to sit down and organize my thoughts before I start saying ridiculous stuff.
More on the pineal gland to come soon....


  1. That's was very interesting. I have to find some more material to read on the subject.

  2. Is there some way to trigger our pineal gland to produce more DMT for more vivid dreams?

  3. have u ever heard of binural beats and their effect on the pineal gland?

  4. im experimenting with shamanic dream inducing herbs right now
    Terrence Mckenna would have dreams about smoking DMT and then he would have an actual DMT trip while he was sleeping
    I think a human that has enough of a "relationship" with the pineal gland one could activate it and or the DMT at will

  5. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah trippy as fuck
    toats and oats
    shizzle bizzle my nizzle rizzle

  6. Wow interesting stuff here, I look forward to reading more about this mysterious pineal gland! This is very strange and you may be on to something here, please write more!

  7. When it awakens one feel spressure in the base of the brain.

    Sounds like a hell of a third eye

    Good post! Keep it up

  8. Ohhh, so that's what it is. Thanks for the info, It was very informative.

  9. agreed, this is way cool.