Friday, February 18, 2011

Omniscience: Lord

Purple brick making the strong infinite building.  Taking a psychedelic swirl around.  These purple bricks build up to a logos that never comes.  Between the purple bricks they peer out at me.  Watching me as I watch them.  Peering purple eyes protrude my being.  Soaring in a spiraling swirl.  The great purple vines flow flowingly.  Weaving each other, around the purple bricks, besides but together with the purple peering eyes.
How do I describe something such as this cosmic journey?  After the tower I came back but in a completely new state, I don't really remember the between.  I then rose above all.  I watched my own body on the couch from a frontal view.  I saw myself in a very strangely pixelated form... or something.  One of the strangest parts about it is how familiar this form of me looked.  It felt so familiar


  1. i think i need to go on a cosmic journey sooner than later

  2. Deep, dude. I want to experience what that figure in the painting is experiencing. Except for the swirly eyeballs.

  3. You can describe the cosmic-like journey through interpretive dance!